Lightning fast deployment with real-time updates

One click setup and Implementation
Automated Application Management
Control Windows Updates
Modular File-based OS Deployment
Remote Connect your Computers
Real Time Cloud Controlled
Windows & Mac
Inventory - Hardware & Software


Familiar with Deep Freeze Cloud -
Ultimate Version?

Deploy Includes similar features
less the ability to Freeze

Deep Freeze Cloud
Reboot to Restore
Manage Applications
Manage Applications
Windows Updates
Windows Updates
OS Deployment
OS Deployment
Usage Stats & Analytics
Usage Stats & Analytics
Remote Connect
Remote Connect
Faronics Deploy is a sister product to Deep Freeze Cloud


For your entire PC Fleet
Cloud controlled

Deploy Overview

Application Management

  • Automated updates for Windows and Mac
  • Manage any Application including MS Office or Adobe Suite instantly
  • Works without user intervention
  • Cache server to optimise bandwidth.

Windows Updates

  • Up-to-date patchs with on-demand patch scanning
  • Granular policies with selective updates
  • Test before deploy with approval process
  • Pull updates from cache or WSUS infrastructure

OS Deployment

  • Modular File based OS deployment
  • Capture, deploy one golden image on varied hardware
  • Install Settings including disk partitions, express OOBE
  • Supports Cloud-based management of WDS setups

Remote Connect

  • Remote-in over the web via RDP or VNC
  • Wake up, shut down all computers in one click
  • Remote PowerShell execution capabilities
  • Analytics for computer and application usage

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